I just love the holidays! It means I get to see my family and eat great food made by my family! I just wanted to share a few pictures of our adventures yesterday.

We started the day at my brother, Ray Everlith's house in Palmyra. He has been renovating an old farmhouse and it is looking fantastic! Mom, Dad, Ray, Nadine (his wife), Audrey, Wendy, Jenny, Wyatt, Katherine, Trenton, Chad, myself, Anderson, Bradley and Jayden were all gathered around a table Ray had made a few hours before. Jayden asked if we could go around the table and say what we're thankful for...and we did.

We then stopped at Chad's brother's house, Nate and Sheri Hood and their children, Kayleigh and Taylor. His parents, Dana and Jackie were there along with his sister Landis, her husband Chris and their children...and Nana! We were there for pie....and oh, was there pie. There were cookies too...but we won't talk about the cookies! (inside joke)

Here are a few pictures of our family and dinner! I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday!