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Maine Kitten Thrown At School Bus In Winterport
I can't imagine what goes through people's minds at times.  Who, in any frame of mind, throw an innocent kitten at a school bus?  That's what happened to poor 'Hiccup', a black and white kitten, from Winterport.
'Polio-Like' Paralyzing Illness Confirmed In New England
Six children, in Minnesota, were recently diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis.  AFM affects the body's nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, and can cause paralysis. Unlike polio, there is no vaccine for AFM.
This little boy, Enoch, deserves to have the world delivered to him on a silver platter.  What he has had to endure in the last couple of weeks, certainly isn't something anybody should have to go through.  To help with his healing, Mainers have pulled together and sent Enoch lots of …
Best Of The Morning Buzz
Today is 'Face Your Fears' Day and 'National Bosses Day'...hear what the Morning Buzz  has to say about that...
Best Of The Morning Buzz
Did you miss the Morning Buzz today?  Here's what you missed.  The USPS would like the cost of stamps to go up to 0.55 cents.  Listen:
B98.5 Wants You To Talk To A Medium
Have you ever wanted the opportunity to speak to a loved one from beyond the grave?  Need to ask Grandpa where he left his favorite belt buckle?  Need to verify that missing ingredient from Grandma's famous recipe?  Well...spirit reading doesn't quite work like that...but it…
Support The Tanksgiving Food Drive
It's almost time to kick off our annual Tanksgiving Food Drive!  And we need your help!  Here's all the details, you need to know, about the Tanksgiving Food Drive!
Support CONY Proj. Grad. 2019 And Get FLOCKED!
Flock yourself...flock a friend....flock your family....but definitely do some FLOCKING!!  The Cony High School Project Graduation Committee is holding their annual Flamingo Flocking fundraiser.  All funds raised go directly to support the Project Graduation for the Class of 2019.
Enter The Bee Lunch Break Today!
Congratulations to the Redington Fairview ER Dept. in Skowhegan! They are our Bee Lunch Break winners. They won pizzas from Al's Pizza in Skowhegan. If you would like to have McCoy & Dyer deliver lunch to your workplace for up to 10 people, enter the Bee Lunch Break now!
THIS is OK?? But The Thought Of Cannabis Is ABSURD!
I'm trying to wrap my head around the logic, here.  People get so bent over the idea of kids accidentally ingesting marijuana 'laced' food...however, items like this, with alcohol being advertised...is seemingly OK?  I do not understand.