What's going on?

What The Hell Is Up With The Traffic Lights In Augusta?!?
The traffic lights in Augusta are going to cause me to drive off a bridge.  Calm down...not literally....just figuratively.  I'm not talking about one set of lights...there are multiple intersections where the lights, clearly, are short fused or malfunctioning.
Scam Alert: Lady Antebellum Is NOT Coming to Augusta
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but contrary to an online announcement making the rounds, country music superstars Lady Antebellum will not be coming to the Augusta Civic Center in September.
The announcement said that Lady A would be coming to Augusta on Sept...
Congratulations to this week's winners!
Congratulations to Jim Mitchell and Jed Davis, P.A. in Augusta! They are our Bee Lunch Break winners. They won pizzas from Twins Country Store in Augusta. If you would like to have McCoy & Dyer deliver lunch to your workplace for up to 10 people, enter the Bee Lunch Break now!
Look, I'm just the messenger.  Seems like a ridiculous law and although it's not fully enforced...it's still illegal in this great state of Maine.