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2018 Oscar Nominations
'Three Billboards,' 'Lady Bird' and 'The Shape of Water' are likely candidates for Oscars.
Believe it or Not, the U.S. National Debt Was Once $0.00
Now that the latest government shutdown is over it may seem hard to believe but 183 years ago the national debt of the United States of America was $0 and on January 8th, 1835 the announcement was made.
This was the last time our countries national debt was $0...
Maine Gas Price Up Again
Gas prices are still on the rise in Maine. According to presshearlad.com and GasBuddy the price of gas in Maine went up 1.9 cents a gallon to an average of $2.56.
Maine is paying a little less than Vermont at $2.60 a gallon but more than New Hampshire at $2...
Pregnant Canaan Woman Killed In Skowhegan Crash
According to a report from WGME, a 27-year-old pregnant woman from Canaan was killed this morning (Jan. 22) in a crash on Route 2. The story said her baby was delivered at the scene by emergency cesarean section and is in critical condition.
Maine Loses Historic Fishing Shed in Storm
The blizzard that hit Maine on January 4th did more than dump a bunch of snow; it blew a fishing-industry building that’s on the U.S. National Registry of Historic Place to Canada.
It’s a brine shed that is moored at McCurdy’s Smokehouse off Lubec, Main…