Getty Images, photo by Sean Gallup

If you ever walk out into the sun on a nice bright day a sneeze, that is called ‘photic’, you are a "light sneezer" and that you can blame on your parents because it is an inherited trait with one in three people doing so. Sneezing is actually good for you as it helps keep us healthy and sniffle-free. Another way that makes some people sneeze is by plucking their eyebrows, the nerve to the eyebrow are close to the nasal passages, so you sneeze.

The reason we say "God Bless You" when a person sneezes goes back a long way when it was thought your heart stopped momentarily when you sneezed, but that is a myth, as well as the myth that your eyes come shooting out of you head, but a good hard sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air traveling at 100 miles per hour.  You do not sneeze while you’re sleeping because as you sleep, so do nerves that make you sneeze.

All in all, sneezing is good for the body. It helps clean the nose of bacteria and viruses. People sneeze in different ways too, form the squeaky sneezer to the rapid fire sneezer who goes 3, 4 or 5 times, scientists say it is good for you, so the next time you have to sneeze, let ‘er rip.