Now that the NFL season gets underway tonight with Baltimore and Denver, let’s take a look at some NFL records that may never be broken. They always say ‘never say never’, but most of these seem to be fairly safe.

In 1990, Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs had seven sacks in one game against the Seattle Seahawks. Thomas also had six in one game tied with two other players.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins had a perfect season. Teams have come close, the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears, but each had one loss, with the Patriots' lone loss coming in the Super Bowl.

Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys coached the same team (Cowboys) for 29 straight seasons.

Quarterback Otto Graham led the Cleveland Browns to 10 straight championship games and won them all. Three when Cleveland was in the AAFC and seven when Cleveland joined the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s 26-game losing streak. Their debut year of 1976, the Bucs lost all 14 games and then in 1977 they lost their first 12.