The Super Bowl is one week away and the betting has started on the game. Of course, you can bet on the outcome of the game itself, who will win, who will lose. You can bet on the final score and the over and under. Those bets are the more common ones, but there are some stranger bets you can make too.

Some of the more strange bets during this year big game are about the weather.

Will it snow during the game? Odds: 3-1 yes…1-5 no.

What will the temperature be during kickoff? Over/under is 34 degrees.

What will be the lowest temperature during the game? Over/under 31 degrees.

Some other bets you can place.

Will the power go out during the game?  Yes 25 to 1

Will Renee Fleming wear gloves during the singing of the National Anthem? Yes 1 to 2. No 3 to 2

How many times will Payton Manning say Omaha during the game? Over/under are 27 and half times.

Strange bets for sure, but people will be placing their bets on almost anything for the Super Bowl.