It turns out that hundreds of lobbyists in at least 20 states, including Maine, have public pensions.  The reason for this is they represent associations of counties, cities and school boards. So somewhere along the line, lawmakers gave them access (decades ago) on the justification that they serve governments and the public. OH in in some cases it is not just the pensions, it is healthcare too!

But in these times of looking much harder at budgets and funding of everything, many states have started to question all of this.  After all, in most ways they are private. There is no public oversight of what they do, can pay their top executives private-sector salaries (and sweet benefits) and sometimes lobby on things in conflict with taxpayers. They are private but they serve governments and the public. Ya, I can see why it is being questioned. I have to ask why it was not questioned sooner?

Well, there is a move by some of those states that do this to submit legislation that would end their inclusion. But any changes in the future will really only affect the future. Those in the systems most likely will be allowed to stay.  It is an interesting story. What do you think about it?