So many calls and emails come in to me asking for ideas of songs for events and times in people's lives they'd like to put to music or to dance to on their wedding day. And most of the time I've been able to come up with just the right ones for certain occasions. I always keep an ear out for them.

Every now and then you hear a song that hits you...right in the heart. And I found this one.

I was able to listen to the album 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift this past weekend and there is a song on it called 'Never Grow Up'. Taylor is such a creative writer I was crying at the first chorus. Maybe it's just because I'm a mom but, gosh darn it, it is incredible. It talks about "her" child and asking them to "never grow up, just stay this little." And EVERY parent can attest to wanting that to happen. When their child is sleeping so sound and looking so beautiful they wish they could stop time.

If you are looking for a wonderful song to dance with your son with at his wedding, please choose this. It's new, its sweet and guaranteed to make that moment an even more special one. Take a listen and I'm sure you will agree.