37,188 fans…9 players on the field…4 umpires…1 chance to make an incredible first impression… 

Standing there on the first baseline and looking out into the stands from where I came from it looked so far away. I could barely see Anderson, Chad and Amber in the stands. Everywhere you looked you saw people. They called me out onto the field and they said “Stand here”. I looked where the man pointed and I saw grass. THE GRASS OF FENWAY. I stood there and took a deep breath.

Singing is an automatic thing for me. I open my mouth and the sound comes out. But it was different this time. This time, just like each time I sing the Anthem, I felt something more.  When I started you could hear my voice echo throughout the park. As I continued that’s when IT happened: you could hear the entire crowd singing along. Not softly but loud and proud! In that moment, it wasn’t MY moment…it was EVERYONE’S moment to honor our country!

One of the biggest moments of my life was shared not only with my family and the thousands in the stands, but the people at home in Maine who were watching and cheering for me (even though it wasn’t shown) and the ones listening to the game on the radio (where it WAS broadcast). Thank you all for the words of encouragement and sharing the moment with me in spirit. You make this local gal feel pretty darn special.