Last week when we had our snow storm and I couldn't get out of my driveway to go to work, I did things I had wanted to do for so long. One of those things was to put our change in the bank. Anderson went with me to the bank and he said "Mama, can I do that, too?"

Of course you can!

And here's what we did!

Being the smart mom I am, I called around to different banks and credit unions. When I asked most places about a child's savings account I received some startling answers. One company said their savings account for children is the same as adults. There were no incentives and very small return on investment. I found that with many different places.

After calling many, MANY places I FINALLY talked to Taconnet Federal Credit Union. Even though I wasn't a member, I fit the criteria: I lived or worked in Kennebec or Somerset county. The lady on the phone explained to me just about everything AND was pleasant to talk to!

They told me the Monty Moose fund was what Anderson would have. Each time he makes a deposit, his name is put into a drawing for the month of $25 that would go into his account. The return on investment is also great! It's .25%, which is higher than many other places. They get a gift on their birthday. Next month there is the April Youth Week where they do something very special for their current child customers and invite new kids to join!

Photo by Sharon Buck

Anderson was so excited he carried his two small piggy banks into Taconnet. We got to talk to Miss Cindy who helped us out!

While taking the money out of the pigs, I took out a couple of $2 bills. I got a little teary-eyed and I explained why.

Many years ago, Howard Holt (Uncle Howie) and his wife Dorothy (Aunt Dot) were very special people in my life. My dad was Uncle Howie's favorite and when my parents were having children he wanted to be a Godfather to one of them. And when I was born, I was chosen. Uncle Howie and Aunt Dot loved me so much that every year on Christmas, Easter, my birthday and Halloween (because my birthday was in October) I would get a card covered in stickers in the mail with a brand new $2 bill in it. Those bills went into a small brown barrel bank. He also gave me $.50 pieces whenever he saw me. Those went in there, too!

When it came time to buy my first house I used almost all of the barrel money as a down payment for the house. I kept 2 $2 bills and lots of the half dollars to give to my child when I had it. It went straight into Anderson's piggy bank when he was born.

I did keep one $2 bill to frame and keep in the house. This way we will always have a reminder of Uncle and Aunt Dot and what they did for us.

And what they did for us is start a college and church mission fund. This is the first step you can take for your child! It's very easy to do. ANY family member can donate to it. Children can earn money by doing chores and taking a trip to their financial institution is something fun to do!

START YOUR KIDS EARLY!!!!  Teach them to save for what they earn money by doing things like chores or cleaning up the street they live on or helping out an elderly neighbor. SO MANY WAYS to help and be repaid for their good actions! Spring clean up is a great time to start them up!