Getty Images, photo by Matt Cardy

If you’re looking for a job, English Heritage may be looking for you, they are looking for a general manager for Stonehenge, yes, THE Stonehenge.  This December, there will be a new visitor center completed at the site, and part of  the new GM's job will be to oversee the center along with 80 employees and 100 volunteers. The GM will also be responsible for bringing the facility into a new era.Here are other qualifications they are looking for: must be a dynamic leader with experience in major visitor attraction, you must have persuasion and entrepreneurial skills, plus confidence and ability to represent. Another and maybe the biggest, they are looking for the new GM to be a liaison with druid leaders who conduct the winter and summer solstices that take place at Stonehenge. It is most important that the new hire keeps the dignity of the stones. How much does it pay? It doesn’t say. Guess you’ll just have apply to find out.