Chris Trotman, Getty Images

There are a few amazing stats that came out after this year’s NFL draft, in fact, they seem to hold true for the past three drafts. Jamie Newberg of took a look at a lot of things but here are some of the highlights.

Nearly half of all NFL draft picks come from five states. In the past three drafts, Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and Ohio were responsible for 47 percent all players selected. This year that number jumped to 51.3 percent.

Mobile, Alabama has the most draft picks per capita in the country. The small town of 726,000 had nine draft picks giving it the highest per capita score.

South Florida has produced the most draft picks over the past three years, 57, Los Angeles comes in second with 47 but, per capita, Baltimore, St. Louis and Cincinnati have more. When broken down by state, per capita, South Carolina comes in first but Florida with its 20 million population still rakes very high coming in third per capita.