T.V Guide Magazine picked their top 60 T.V. animals of all time. They limited their picks to one animal per show including live animals and cartoon characters. Dogs took 3 of the top five spots and here are five through one:

5: Scooby-Doo with his famous line being, Ruh-Roh.

4. J. Fred Muggs: During the Today Show from 1953 to 1957 this monkey was basically the co-host of the show with Dave Garroway.

3. Eddie the Jack Russell terrier that was on the T.V. show, Frazier.

2. Mr. Ed: the talking horse from the show of the same name. His owner, as said by Mr. Ed, was Wil-burrr.

1. Every time there was trouble, the most famous being Timmy falling down the well, it was ‘Lassie’ to the rescue.

Some others of note on the list include: Bugs Bunny, Brian from Family Guy, Dino from the Flintstones, Flipper, the Geico Gecko, Gentle Ben, Mickey Mouse, Ren and Stimpy, Miss Piggy and Yogi Bear.