Fun Fall Activities To Do On A Crisp Day In Maine
I'll give you a hint and tell you I was telling the truth when I said fall is my favorite season in our contest to win Miranda Lambert tickets! I love the change in the way the air smells and feels more crisp, the vibrant colors that slowly take over the Maine outdoors, and way everyt…
How Was Your Summer?
Labor Day weekend already? Summer sure seems to go by quicker and quicker each year! So, how was your summer? What did you and your family get to do? What would you grade this summer?
Kids Tell the Greatest Stories!
While shopping in Walmart, and not having very much money to spend, the kids wanted to walk down the toy aisle. They wanted to get an idea of what Santa could bring them for Christmas.
Yeah, it's getting to that time a year.
In the middle of the aisle was a bunch of back to school stuff. And that…