Would You Support Lower The Legal Drinking Age To 18? [POLL]
A New Hampshire legislator is pushing to lower the drinking age to 18 with some restrictions.The bill would allow people 18-20 to drink beer or wine as long as they don't get drunk and they're with someone over the age of 21. It says the intent is so younger people will start drinking alco…
People Living Six Years Longer
Men and Women around the world are living longer. Life expectancy is six years longer than a generation ago. Men are living 5.8 years longer and women an extra 6.6 years.
More Americans Over 90 Than Ever Before
Great news if you are getting older (aren’t we all), more Americans are living to the age of 90 than any other time in history. The first ever census number's on that age group were posted and shows 90 years or older have tripled since 1980.
Psychologists Say the New 18 is 25 Years Old
The idea of turning 18 years old and becoming an adult seems a thing of the past with new findings from psychologists. The new age for adulthood is now 25. The change in age comes from further understanding of maturity and hormonal development in brain activity.
Being Older May Soon Get You Out of Jury Duty
Mainers who are 70 and older would be allowed to opt out of jury duty if a bill before the Maine lawmakers gets the OK. The Judiciary Committee learned that health issues make it difficult for a lot of older people to serve.
Scientists Learn How to Tell the Age of a Lobster
Scientists have figured out how to determine the age of a lobster. Much like a tree, you count it's rings. Raouf Kilada, a research associate at the University of New Brunswick was the lead author of a scientific paper documenting the process.