Country News: Kellie Pickler in Alaska
Kelly Pickler and her husband Kyle brought their film crew with them to Alaska as part of the season 3 final of her reality show 'I Love Kellie Pickler.' The trip included some mishaps during a boat trip. According to Pickler and crew got stuck on some fairly large chunks of ic…
Small Village in Alaska Only Postal Worker Resigns
A small village on a remote Alaska island in the Bering Sea had one postal worker to deliver mail to residence. They ‘had’ one postman, now they have none after their only mail delivery person had to quit because she is pregnant.
Eight and a Half Months Pregnant and Bags a Moose
Ashley Switzer from Homer, Alaska, looked in her freezer and noticed there wasn’t any meat, so she decided what better way to get meat than to go hunting. It was early September and she was home alone because he husband was off working on a fishing boat about 130 miles away.
Polar Bear Population 25,000 Strong + Growing
Experts have been saying for years that Global Warming was decimating the polar bear population at the Arctic Circle, but a surprising find in a new book, ‘Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye’, shows there are more polar bears alive today than in the last 40 years.