A Very Special Anderson Moment
Being a Mom is incredible. You have experiences you never thought you would have and you wish you could remember each and every one of them.
I had one of those such moments yesterday.
Anderson’s “Science” Project
It's not really rocket science...but it IS science!
I was at Lux Salon in Hallowell getting my hair done by Olivia when we started talking about wedding plans and flowers.
I want colored daisies and Nathan said "You can do that at home". I can? How?
Anderson’s Visit To The Doctor
Nothing worries a mother more than seeing their child sick or hurt. So when Anderson started having these weird fevers, yes, I worried. Who wouldn't? That's my little boy.
To find some answers we took him to an allergist who suggested we take him to a rheumatoid specialist. Off to Portland …
Moms Always Worry When Kids Are Sick
When you get that phone call from the school nurse, your heart starts to race, doesn't it? I got that phone call Tuesday saying Anderson had a small rash on his forehead, probably from his hat. I knew that wasn't what that rash was from. He had had it before. Oh no.
Please Read To Your Children…
Each night I have Anderson is special to me. Like every night, we eat dinner and have enough play time to have fun either playing Wii, boardgames, baking...there is always something fun to do.
But the most important thing parents seem to overlook. Not in my house.
Stepping Stones Completed!
They finished them! Last night was pretty amazing. I made porkchops, rice and veggies for dinner and I told them they couldn't finish their stepping stones until they were done. That must have been the fastest meal in history that did not involve pasta!
We’ve Got Spirit! How ‘Bout You?
Remember the movie Grease? Remember Frenchy? Yup, that's me! My twin is Didi Conn. I've heard that my entire life. Well, why not embrace it? I found part of my Halloween costume at the new Spirit Halloween Store! I'm not just channeling my inner Nikki Hunt, I'm full on Greased!
Not only can I dress a…

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