Shower Cat Enjoys Bathing With His Human
Cats rather famously do not like water. Except when they do like water, because then, apparently, they love it. Witness this kitty in the shower, who seems to be enthralled with the streams of water coming out of it and not to mind getting soaked...
Does This Sheep Have An Upside-Down Head?
"Mother nature is a MAD scientist," said Kramer of Seinfeld fame. And it looks like we may be seeing some of her strange alchemy on an English farm, where there appears to be a sheep with an upside-down head.
Cats Sneeze Along to Dubstep, Make Dubstep Listenable
Just when we finally thought that dubstep was mercifully on its way out, a new video comes along that breathes life back into the dance genre. And who do we owe for that? None other than cats, the internet's unofficial mascot. We'll get you for this, cats.
R.I.P. Cleyed, the One-Eyed Bengal Kitten
Cleyed the kitten was not long for this world. His mother's uterus was twisted around three times, and he was born a cyclops, with just one big eye. But he made a huge impact on the people in the operating room for the few minutes he was alive on this earth.
Man Chased Up Tree By Angry Deer
When one thinks of a deer, one thinks of a gentle Bambi-like creature. However, adult male deers can be pretty rough customers. Especially during mating season, when they use their sharp horns to jostle over female deer companionship.
Local Television Mascot Dies
We would like to send our condolences to WCSH-6 and WLBZ-2 and Don Carrigan for the passing of 'Togus The Cat'. Togus was a fixture on the stations storm center reports for many years. Carrigan says that 'Togus' a Maine coon cat was rescued from a place that could no longer care …

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