August 22nd is Tongue Twister Day
August 22 is Tongue Twister Day which is the combination of sounds that make people lose control of their mouth or twist their tongue. MIT researchers came up with (what they say) is the world’s hardest tongue twister. Here it is:
August is National Romance Awareness Month
When people hear the word "romance," they tend to run for the hills.  Being romantic can be difficult for some, and for others perhaps they have too much expectations as to what "romance" really means.  It doesn't have to be about extravagant gifts …
The ‘Odd’ Holidays in August
With a few weeks left in August there is still time to celebrate some of the unusual holidays in the month. On the 10th it is ‘Lazy Day’ a day to goof off and not work best spent in a hammock. On the 13th we celebrate ‘Left Hander’s Day’.