This Little Piggy
I have an older brother and I want a pet pig. These two things should have little to do with each other but as brothers tend to do, he's torturing me with the fact that he just bought a litter of young pigs for his farm that I didn't even know he had.
Life in the 1500’s
Life is very different these days than they were in the 1500's for sure but those were the times when many of the phrases and traditions we use today came from. He are some examples of what I mean.
Pig Virus May Lead to Bacon Shortage
A virus that scientists believe came from China has killed millions of baby pigs and it may push the price of pork up by 10%. The virus is not harmful to humans or other animals, but is deadly to baby pigs and had already spread to 27 states. No one knows how it got into the country or how it spread…
Time to Celebrate Bacon, It’s Flitch Day!
Today is Flitch Day, I know what you’re thinking, ‘it seems like we just celebrated Flitch Day’. Actually, you’re probably thinking, ‘what the heck is a Flitch Day’?  Basically, it’s a day of celebration…

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