Measurement Guide to a Smidgen, Pinch or Tad
If you like to cook or bake you always have a recipe that gives you terms like a smidgen, a dash or a pinch. A lot of these recipes seem to be handed down from Grandmother's or Mothers and they know what those terms mean. Unfortunately most of us don’t, so let’s …
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
A few days ago a I handed Anderson the 'Mrs. Fields Best Cookie Book Ever' cookbook and told him to pick out something to make. I was hoping for chocolate chip cookies.
He wanted something a little more fancy. Mrs. Fields, why do you tempt us so?
Sharon Buck Made Texas Roadhouse Rolls
On Saturday night, Chad and I went out with our friends, Rick and Rita Turcotte for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Augusta. I thought it was going to be just another dinner.
But, oh my, I went home with a hankerin' for more of those delicious dinner rolls. So I found the recipe!