NCAA Division ll Baseball Game Produces 61 Runs
When Division ll baseball teams the Minnesota State Mavericks and Bemidji State Beavers played the first game of their doubleheader, the Mavericks won 10-9. There was no indication in that first game what would happen in the second.
MLB Division Winning Odds
The 2015 Major League Baseball season gets underway Monday and every year, every team has a chance to go all the way. At least, most fans see it that way, but the reality is some teams are better than others. So who are the Las Vegas odds makers picking to win their divisions this year?
Andy Capwell’s Baseball Predictions: National League
The 2015 baseball season starts Sunday night with the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. I love baseball, on television, at the stadium and playing fantasy baseball. It's always fun to try and predict what's going to happen this season. Here's my look at the National League.
The Ten Most Expensive Baseball Ballparks to See a Game
I am a big baseball fan. In fact, most of the time my summer vacation revolves around taking in a baseball game. I've bee lucky enough to see games at Fenway Park, the old Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards and Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia. Baseball season is just over a week from starting and a…
Milwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives to Avoid Spreading Pink Eye
The pink eye epidemic has spread into the Milwaukee Brewers clubhouse, so the team is invoking a new rule to stop the spread of the infection: no more high-fives. That's right, the most popular way that athletes celebrate is now banned by the team so players, coaches, and other staff members do…

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