BBQ Battle Video Gone Viral [VIDEO]
Is this video for real or a hoax, either way, it is very entertaining. A YouTube video is exploding on social media that seems to show a Pinellas County environmental specialist, allegedly names Joe Graham, warning Florida residents that their BBQ smoke is a nuisance odor in violation of county air …
Matching Shorts!
It's the kind of thing you see in those entertainment magazines, when two celebrities where the same clothing. Well, the same thing happened to me this weekend.
Andy Capwell Needs Your Help!
For those you know me, when I plan a party, they are usually as exciting as going to DMV to renew your drivers license. That doesn't stop me from trying, much like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football.
Voice Activated Barbecue Grill
It looks like BBQ grilling just became easier but it is taking the personal touch out of barbequing. The Lynx Smart grill is the next technological wonder that uses voice commands to do your cooking. The Lynx Concept Grill is expected to make it out by next summer, 2015, at a cost of $7,000.
What Are You Doing This 4th Of July Weekend?
Happy Birthday America! Many of us will enjoy time with our families and take in a fireworks display, a parade and maybe a trip to the beach. With the 4th of July being on a Thursday, many people will get a long 4-day weekend. So, what are you going to be doing?
Weston Burt Could Be In YOUR Backyard!
Have you heard his first single "Lucky Sometimes"? Then you know that this up-and-comer has got what it takes to have some staying power!
And he could be performing for you in your very own backyard...
If you win!

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