Mom Faceplants During Wedding Proposal
This happened on a lake in Michigan during a marriage proposal. The sister of the bride to be knew her boyfriend was going to propose so she was shooting video. The mother of the bride to be took a faceplant in the sand before the proposal, but that didn’t stop the boyfriend.
An Increase Of Jellyfish On Maine Beaches
If you are heading to the beach on this sunny, warm July weekend, you'll have to find a parking spot, maybe pack a lunch, the sun block, the beach blanket, pick the perfect spot on the beach and you might want to keep your eyes open for jellyfish.
The Flip Flop Report on Beach Attitudes
It’s called the Flip Flop report, and it was compiled by Expedia Travel to see what beach attitudes are worldwide. The favorite beach activity for Americans in walking along the beach followed by people watching. Swimming came in third and sunbathing fourth.

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