Beside Gas Prices, What Else Will Be Going Up?
You may have noticed gas prices are on the rise again. After hitting a low in recent years of around $2.00 a gallon they are creeping back up. Experts expect that trend to continue with gas prices going up another 50 to 60 cents a gallon by spring.
Beef Pizzle Sold For Human Consumption
MT Supermarket in North Lamar, Texas, mistakenly sold ‘Beef Pizzle’ or ‘beef penis’ for human consumption, it’s not supposed to be. Beef Pizzle is used for dog consumption in treats,( my dogs ears just perked up) but the supermarket mislabe…
Beef Prices on the Rise Just in Time for Grilling Season
Just as the spring and summer grilling seasons are getting under way, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the price of beef is on the rise. Record high prices could mean we’ll be paying more for beef at the supermarkets. The U.S. cattle and calf herd is at its lowest since 1952.