Strange Bets You Can Make on the Super Bowl
The Patriots and Falcons on Super Sunday will be watched by millions around the world, and millions of dollars will be bet on the game. You can bet on who will win the game (if you get points or not) and that’s only on of nearly 600 different ways to bet on the big game.
Maine’s Gambling Addiction Ranked 39th in the Country
Whether we like it or not, gambling exists in every state, even in states where it’s illegal some form of gambling is played. Betting on sports games to making a $5 bet you are right about a movie. In Maine gambling is legal and we seem to have things under control.
Super Bowl 47: There’s a Prop Bet For That
In the week leading up to Super Bowl 47, you’re probably going to hear a few things about Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis or 49ers sophomore stud quarterback Colin Kaepernick or the Harbaugh brothers. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but did you know Jim and John…
Pee Wee Football Bets Reach $100,000
It’s one thing to bet on Professional football but it’s another to bet on Pee Wee football but police in Deerfield Beach, Florida, uncovered a massive gambling operation exploiting Pee Wee kids. ESPN brought video evidence to the Broward County Sheriff’s office about 18 months ago showing parents ex…