Auburn Student Eating Bugs For Every Meal
An Auburn University student decided to take on the challenge of eating bugs for every meal for a month. Cam Brantley-Rios is trying to bring awareness as to how good bugs are for you. He says crickets and worms are high in protein but low in fat not to mention they have a low carbon footprint.
We Eat 2 Pounds of Bugs a Year Without Knowing It
The U.N. recently released a report saying the world’s population should eat more bugs, it would solve the world food shortage and there are benefits from eating them. Well, guess what, we are already eating bugs in most food we consume. Not always whole bugs, but bits and pieces, he…
16 Breathtaking Photos of Ladybugs
Continuing our unofficial "Stop Being Afraid of Insects" series, here are 16 pictures of ladybugs. Granted, most people aren't afraid of ladybugs, but they've probably never seen that video of a ladybug taking off in super-slow motion. Or had a house infested with them. They can be pretty …
Man Wins Roach-Eating Contest, Then Dies
When faced with eating something really disgusting—like, say, a cockroach—one strategy would be to think to yourself, "At least this won't kill me," before chowing down.
That technique wouldn't have worked, however, for Edward Archbold. On Friday, the 32-year-old entered a roach-eating cont…