Events Coming in March
There are a couple of events coming right up for us on the calendar in March. This Sunday, March 8th is Day Light Savings Time. It’s when we spring forward, so you move the clocks ahead an hour.
The ‘Odd’ Holidays in August
With a few weeks left in August there is still time to celebrate some of the unusual holidays in the month. On the 10th it is ‘Lazy Day’ a day to goof off and not work best spent in a hammock. On the 13th we celebrate ‘Left Hander’s Day’.
One Time in History There Was a February 30th
February is the month on our calendar that has 29 days except during a leap year when there are 28. There was a time in history that there was a February 30th! It happened only once and it was in Sweden and Finland in 1712. At that time there were two different calendars in use, ‘the Julian ca…
Mayan Calendar Does Not Predict the End of the World
According to the Mayan calendar the end of the world will be December 20, 2012, a date not too far away. It is understandable how this myth started but the fact is the Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world. The calendar responsible for the end of the world myth is the Mayan long count…