Carolina vs Denver This Sunday
The Sunday is the big game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos will be the home team this year and have the option of what color jersey’s to wear. They have decided on white.
Great White Shark Video From California
Shark week is over on the Discovery channel, but the sharks don't know that. There was a sighting of a 'great white' at Manhattan Beach in California. A surfer happened to have his GoPro with him to capture footage.
California Woman Gets Stuck in Chimney
A women in California was rescued after being stuck in a chimney of a house that didn’t belong to her. It seems she had about six dates with the man that lived in the house but he broke things off, so she tried to sneak into his home using the chimney.
Salmon In California Being Trucked to the Ocean
With the server drought in California, salmon are having a hard time migrating to the ocean along the Sacramento River, so they’re being moved by truck. Wildlife officials have a plan to move millions of salmon by tanker truck to the ocean.
Rare Coins Found in California May Be From a U.S. Mint Heist
The best news in the world for a Northern California couple may turn out to be the worst news in the world. The couple made an incredible find on their property when they were walking their dog; it was over $10 million in gold coins. A find of rare coins that is considered the greatest find in U.S. …

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