Lucky Charms Cereal Turning 50
This spring the breakfast cereal Lucky Charms is turning 50 years old and the five oat-piece shapes haven’t changed since its birth in 1964. Lucky Charms is a cereal enjoyed by adults as well as children with 48% of them consumed by adults.
Happy Anniversary Lucky Charms!
Green Clovers! Blue Diamonds! Pink Hearts! Orange Stars! Yellow Moons! Purple Horseshoes! Red Balloons!
Lucky Charms turns 50 this year!
Lucky the Leprechaun is one lucky guy!
Breakfast Shocker: Froot Loops Are All the Same Flavor!
One of my favorite cereals while growing up were Froot Loops, the bright red box with Toucan Sam on it. The sugary treat of the circular cereal floating in the discolored milk, were wicked awesome. But guess what, Froot Loops weren't what I thought they were!
Sharon Wants to Know: Would YOU Eat It?
I was foraging for food yesterday morning because I had forgot my breakfast. In our break room here at work, there is basically nothing to eat.
However, I DID find some cereal.
But did I dare eat it?
General Mills Monster Cereals Back This Halloween
General Mills has announced their monster cereals will be back for Halloween. Year round you can find monster cereals like ‘Frankenberry’,’ BooBerry’ and ‘Count Chocula’, but they are bringing back ‘Frute Brute&CloseCu…
Things You Can Do With Rice Krispies!
I know it's not going to be good on my diet, but this is really cool!
Kellogg's Rice Krispies made a splash when they came out with Rice Krispie squares.
But did you know there are so many more things to do with them?
Cereal Day, March 7th
Today, March 7th is Cereal Day, the food that started in colonial days as a mixture of popcorn, sugar and cream and served for breakfast.