Reese’s Christmas Candy Bar Looks Like a Turd
Reese’s candy has come out with a special candy bar for Christmas; it’s the Reese’s peanut butter Christmas tree. Well, social media is going crazy over this, not because it tastes so good but because of what it looks like. Makes Chocolate Bathroom has made a bathroom that is over 8 million calories. Say What? The bathroom is made of 100% pure Belgian chocolate and was made for a chocolate company in the U.K. called Choccywoccydoodah. It came about after an Executive noticed many people misspelled ‘suite&Close…
ChocoChicken, The Chocolate Fried Chicken
Fried chicken, Love It! Chocolate, Love It! How about ‘chocolate fried chicken’! It’s called ChocoChicken and a super trendy restaurant in L.A. is serving it up. The chicken isn’t fried in chocolate sauce; instead it’s lightly coa…
Truck With $120,000 of Hershey’s Chocolate Stollen
The search is on in Florida for a truck that was stolen in Deland that contained $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate. Police were called by the truck driver when it came up missing after parking it at a truck center overnight. He said three o’clock Saturday was the …
Making the Perfect S’more
Did you know it's an art form? Not me.
I never made s'mores as a kid. We never had extra money for things like that. So, when I met Chad he taught me about many things.
Including how to make the PERFECT S'more!
Kennbec Chocolates at The Made in Maine Expo
Hey, Randy McCoy here, with the Made in Maine Expo coming this Saturday at the Colby College Field House, there will be many Maine crafts and products for you to see. Kennebec Chocolates will be one of those companies there.

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