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Cooking For Guys: Minestrone Soup
It's been a cool August and I had the craving to make some soup. It's been a while since I have done a 'Cooking For Guys', so here is my take on minestrone soup. First though, 'Cooking For Guys' is cooking that is easy, borderline cooking, something that a 'guy&apo…
Cooking For Guys: Stuffed Peppers {VIDEO}
Cooking for Guys is a series of easy to make meals. Now that I am on the Mend A Body Solutions, I am definitely making the meals more healthy! I remembered my Mom use to make stuffed peppers. I thought, it doesn't sound to difficult, so I gave it a shot!
Cooking For Guys: Deconstructed Stuffed Cabbage
This is exciting, the first ever video edition of 'Cooking For Guys'. I have been on the Mend A Body Solutions program for just over three weeks and have lost 10 pounds! I've had to learn to work in healthier recipes and I gave this a shot!
Cooking For Guys: Andy’s American Chop Suey
It's been about a year since I shared my most well known 'Cooking For Guys', my American Chop Suey. I thought with the cooler weather settling in, a comfort food classic, like my American Chop Suey would hit the spot. Here's what you'll need.
Cooking For Guys: Minestrone Soup
With the cooler weather settling into northern New England, nothing quite hits the spots like a homemade soup. Here's the cooking for guys' version of homemade soup. Basically if you can boil water, open a can and cut an onion and sausage, you can make this minestrone soup.
‘Cooking For Guys': Easy Italian Chicken Salad
This 'Cooking For Guys' is perfect for a summer lunch. I call it 'Easy Italian Chicken Salad'. 'Cooking For Guys' are designed to be really easy things to make. I think if you use either a stove, add ingredients and cut something up, you can call it cooking! Here's…
Cooking For Guys: Stove Top Shepherd’s Pie
There is nothing like comfort food. That usually means something tasty but not really healthy for you. I tried for the first time last night a cooking for guys: stove top shepherd's pie. As you'll see, I didn't really think this all the way through!