Easy and Fast Way to Soften Butter
I hate when butter is frozen. It’s hard to spread and usually rips the bread apart. You can leave the butter in a butter dish and it will soften, but if you forget and have to take a fresh stick out of the fridge, it hard.
Measurement Guide to a Smidgen, Pinch or Tad
If you like to cook or bake you always have a recipe that gives you terms like a smidgen, a dash or a pinch. A lot of these recipes seem to be handed down from Grandmother's or Mothers and they know what those terms mean. Unfortunately most of us don’t, so let’s …
Cooking For Guys: ‘Breakfast Pockets’
It's been a while since my last cooking for guys, frankly because I think I cooked everything that I knew how to make! Then as I was getting ready to make breakfast this morning, it hit me, try making a breakfast pocket! Here's what I used.
Cooking For Guys ‘Andy’s Turkey Burger’
There's nothing like a great burger, especially on the weekend. Here's my healthier version of the traditional burger and fries. Here's what you'll need: A frying pan, cooking spray, a pound of 93% lean ground turkey, a sweet onion, turkey bacon, a package of ranch dressing …
November 1st is Men Make Dinner Day
The first day in November is ‘Men Make Dinner Day’ where the man of the house prepares a delicious meal for the entire family. No, you can’t just order a pizza and call it good. There are 12 rules to follow, with the number one rule being ‘Men Make Dinner Day' is on the first day of November. Rule t…

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