New Artist Spotlight: Kalie Shorr
23 year old Portland native, Kalie Shorr has known she wanted to be in the music industry since the age of 6. She began where a lot of young performers begin today, by posting covers on youtube and received recognition from celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton who even invited her to perform at his birth…
Willie Nelson And Toby Keith Get Into The ‘Wacky Tobaccy’
Over the years, Toby Keith has spent some time outside of school with Willie Nelson. Back in 2003, 'Weed With Willie' cautionary tale for anyone who hasn't had the experience of passing to the left with the Red Headed Stranger. This, in addition to the two teaming up in the class…
Some Great Country Music CD’s About To Hit Stores
Are you ready for some new country music? If so, you are in luck as many major artists are ready to release some Spring/Summer CD's.
Let's start with the Zac Brown Band. We here at B98.5 have been playing the single "My Old Man" for awhile now, and the bands CD &…
Know a Little About Australia Before You Visit
So you say you would like to visit Australia some day, ‘down under’ as they say. Maybe you should know something about the country/Continent before you go. Here are some interesting facts about Australia that might/might not get you in good with the locals.
The Top 70 Songs Of 2015
Join B98.5 on New Year's Day, we will ring in 2016 by listening back to the best country music from 2015. It's the top 70 songs of 2015 on B98.5.
New Artists To Watch: Drake White
As being someone in country radio for many years, I always find it exciting to be at the beginnings of a new country act that breaks it big. I think one country artist to watch in 2015 is Drake White.
Christmas Around the World
We have our Christmas traditions in the United States like Christmas cards, Christmas trees, stuffing stockings and many more. Not everyone around the world has the same traditions. Most countries celebrate Christmas but they do it in their own way.
What’s Your Favorite Country Christmas Song?
With the Thanksgiving Day celebration here and gone, let the Christmas music ring on B98.5. I will admit that I like Christmas music in small doses, but when I hear while I am at the Supermarket, the gym, yes the gym, and wherever else it seems I am. Then it can get tedious.

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