Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms Closes in Augusta
The Cumberland Farms at 5 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Augusta has closed, when I arrived this morning a homemade sign read 'closed' and a truck was being loaded with contents from the store.  It had long been planned that they were looking to move to a new location and build one of their &ap…
Andy Capwell’s Lucky Day!
I really enjoy when the little things make my day and something that really made my day started off about a week ago. I was on Facebook and I saw a post from Cumberland Farms. It was a picture of their Iced Coffee and a caption that read something to the effect of 'who's ready for one&apos…
Cold Night at Cumberland Farms in Augusta
With temperatures overnight in the single numbers, it was a cold night for Kyle Boucher at Cumberland Farms in Augusta. Kyle is the overnight worker at the store. I was pulling into the parking to get my morning iced coffee and that's when I saw the front door unhinged.