Solar Flare, Near Miss of Earth
Two weeks ago, the Earth came close a catastrophe from a nuclear flare from the sun. Massive surges of energy or electromagnetic pulses, known as EMP’s, could have knocked out electrical equipment all over the planet.
Moon Closest to Earth This Weekend, Called Super Moon
It’s called a Super Moon, and it happens on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday June 23. The moon will appear bigger and brighter than any other time during the year. The reason is the moon will closer to Earth than normal. The astronomers' name for it is perigee full moon but the…
3 Earth-Size Planets Disovered
Three new planets have been discovered by astronomers that are close to Earth-size and are the right distance from their sun to make the temperature similar to Earth’s. The planets were discovered in what scientists call the ‘habitable zone’ where the surface of…