E Waste Event in Waterville April 2
An electronic collection event is coming up on Saturday, April 2 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Held at American Legion Post #5 on College Avenue in Waterville and is open to anyone.
Dinner Time App Will Lock Kids Phones
We hear it all the time; families don’t sit down together for dinner anymore. Statistics show more and more families are eating on the go and when at home just grab a bite whenever they can. There is a new app that may help families gather around the table together more often.
Electronics Show Debuts Internet-Connected Toothbrush
The Consumer Electronics Show in going on in Las Vegas where the new devices for our future make their debut. One of the talked about products this year is the world’s first internet-connected toothbrush. It’s from a French based company, ‘Kolibree&CloseCurlyQuo…
New Material to Help Develop Flexible Electronics
A new material that is the strongest in the world has been discovered by scientists that could hold the future to flexible electronics.  It’s a single atomic layer of carbon arranged in a honeycomb pattern called Graphene. The material is so strong it would take an elephant bala…
New Potty Training With iPotty
During the electronics show in Las Vegas a lot of new and exciting products were introduced including the IPotty. It’s supposed to provide entertainment to a child while potty training. It’s a smart phone and tablet accessory that’s a child&CloseCurlyQ…