Social Security on the Mind of AARP
Here’s a political statement commercial by AARP on Social Security. It is clever the way the use the political symbols for each party. The elephant for the Republicans, and the donkey for the Democrats.
Circus Elephant Hit in Drive-By Shooting in Mississippi
This has to be the strangest case of a drive-by shooting in the history of drive- by shootings. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus were at a show in Tupelo, Mississippi, when a circus elephant was hit by a drive- by shooter. The Asian elephant named Carol was in an outside area at the…
Elephant And Dog Could Teach Us ALL About Being Friends
I saw this video posted to my Aunt Cheryl's wall and anything to do with elephants, well, I'm there. I didn't know it would make me cry...oh, heck, yes I did!!
The true meaning of friendship is shown in this CBS Assignment America in which Steve Hartman heard the story of an elephant s…