Take The 10,000 Step Challenge!
We are all looking for ways to get in shape and one of the easiest things you can do to start your way to fitness is WALK.
Doctors will tell you that. Physical activity is a vital part of losing weight. And here is one way you can "Step up to the plate"!
5 Exercises That Will Improve Your Heart Health
You listen to weather updates so you know how to dress. You wash your hands so you don't get the flu. You wear your seatbelt to keep you safe in the car. You are a prevention machine. But are you working to prevent the number one cause of death for both men and women, heart disease? For American Hea…
The Biggest Loser: It Could Be You!
Having NEVER watched The Biggest Loser before, I felt inspired to this year because it involved children. Not only were adults trying to change their lifestyles but so were three kids who have been struggling with their weight their entire lives.
If 3 children can be inspired to get healthy, why can&…
Run Away, Sharon!
It's TOMORROW!!! The Rise 'N Shine 19th Annual 5K Road Race happens tomorrow morning! It starts at Kennebec Saving Bank in Augusta and it benefits the KV YMCA.
It all comes down to this! The training, the working out, the treadmill, the salads...
Training for the 5K
RISE 'N SHINE! It's the 19th annual 5K Road Race on Friday, September 28th. And when they say "Rise 'N Shine" they mean it! Registration for the 5K starts at 6:00AM and the race begins at sunrise at 6:35. We'll be starting at Kennebec Savings Bank in Augusta and running on the Kennebec Rai…