Is Twitter Heading The Way Of Friendster?
Remember when Twitter was the next to threaten Facebook's popularity? Yeah, FB took a well deserved public opinion beatdown when it adopted the hashtag. However, that's what Facebook does. It finds the trend another created, and adopts the concept. Right, Snapchat?
Tom Brady’s Call for Receivers-Ron Burgundy Style
It looks like Tom Brady has had enough of vacation on the beach with Gisele (really?) and is ready to get back to work. Check out his Ron Burgundy-esqe RECEIVERS ASSEMBLE Facebook post.
New England Patriots RECEIVERS… ASSEMBLE...
What Type Of Facebook Posts Annoy Mainers The Most
Adweek.com released the study research from Rantic Marketing where they revealed the most annoying Facebook posts in each state. The survey was of around 10,000 people across the country and were broken down into post categories of personal problems, selfies, food pictures, baby pictures, and politi…

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