Jeans that Moisturize Skin? Gross!
Oh, you read that right. We now have jeans that come with a built in moisturizer for your skin... and they fight cellulite. So, magic jeans? Wrangler calls them ‘Spa Jeans.’
Rich Dude Dons Solid Gold Shirt to Attract the Ladies
Datta Phuge is a wealthy man, but he doesn't like expensive cars or vacations. Instead, the Pimpri, India, man has a passion for gold, and he doesn't feel like hiding it away. After much research, he had a team of 15 goldsmiths make him a shirt of gold, that he apparently plans on wearing …
10 Weird Christmas Finds on Pinterest
With all the time we spend on Pinterest, it's no wonder we've come across so much quirky and awesome stuff. Half our holiday gift and decorating ideas come from the site alone! Want to check out Disney/Star Wars mash-up art or a cheeseburger dress? They've got you covered. Not surprisingly, the site…