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Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
The National Championship is all set with Ohio State and Oregon. The match-up will be played in Texas at Arlington Stadium on January 12th. It was an exciting game day in college football today.
College Football Starts August 17
Abilene Christian and Georgia State will kick off the college football season on Wednesday, August 17. The following day 14 games are on tap and Friday there will 7. Saturday, August 30 will start the major part of the schedule.
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up and the New Playoff System
It was the final game of the BCS era: #1 Florida State took on #2 Auburn for the National Championship. Next year, the BCS will be out and a playoff system will be in. The top 4 teams, according to the season final rankings, will determine the top four teams for the playoffs. The number one seed wil…
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
It looks like Auburn will get their wish and play for the National Championship in college football. The #3 Tigers beat #5 Missouri 59-42 to win the SEC Championship game but they needed #10 Michigan State to beat the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes in the Big 10 Championship and the Spartans did.