Happy Greek Independence Day!
St.Patrick's Day gets all of the fanfare but just over one week later is Greek Independence Day! March 25th is Greek Independence Day and here's how I am celebrating!
Cat Buried Alive Digs His Way Out
If you want to talk about ‘one tough kitty cat’, you would be talking about Bart, a one and half year old cat from Tampa, Florida. Bart was hit by a car earlier this month and the owner couldn’t bring herself to bury Bart so she asked a neighbor.
Giant Shrimp Caught of the Coast of Florida
Off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, a fisherman caught a shrimp that wasn’t your average sized shrimp. It’s a massive size shrimp that is being called a ‘mantis shrimp’ and was pulled off the hook by its back like a lobster.
Florida Couple Floats in Ocean 13 Hours Rescued
A couple in Florida had to tread water in the ocean for 13 hours after they fell off the back of their boat. Sean McGovern of Key Largo and Mellisa Morris visiting from Texas were off the coast of Key Largo when the fell off the back of their boat. The boat was in gear and just kept motoring away.
Surprising NFL Draft Stats
There are a few amazing stats that came out after this year’s NFL draft, in fact, they seem to hold true for the past three drafts. Jamie Newberg of Scout.com took a look at a lot of things but here are some of the highlights.
Truck With $120,000 of Hershey’s Chocolate Stollen
The search is on in Florida for a truck that was stolen in Deland that contained $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate. Police were called by the truck driver when it came up missing after parking it at a truck center overnight. He said three o’clock Saturday was the …
Christmas House Light Show
While in Florida, recently I read in the paper about a spectacular Christmas light display at a private home in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Unfortunately, it was little too far away to drive to see but I did find it on YouTube and it is posted here.
Silver River Florida Monkeys with Herpes Learn to Swim
This can’t be good. In the 1930’s two Rhesus monkeys were taken to an island on the Silver River near Ocala, Florida. They were taken their due to the popularity of Tarzan movies at that time. Now, over time, there is a colony of monkeys numbering over 1,000, and they…

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