World Record Rice Krispies Treat
It’s the biggest Rice Krispies Treat in the world, a Guinness Book of World Records, record holder. A giant Rice Krispies Treat weighing in at 5.5 tons or 11, 327 pounds.
Bangor HoJo’s Only One of Two Still Open
In 1954 there were 400 Howard Johnson Restaurants; most were part of the Howard Johnson Hotel chain. They had the nickname, HoJo’s. Today in 2015, there are only three HoJo’s left with one of those three scheduled to close its doors March 31st.
Mexico Attempts World Record Taco
If you like tacos, you’ll love this, a nearly 2 mile long taco, that's 80,000 tacos. Chefs in Guadalajara, Mexico teamed up in attempt at a Guinness World Record attempt.
New York State Fair Food
The New York State Fair seems to be the place to try fried food. This year’s fair featured some unique food but it seems the fried variety got most of the attention. Last year’s Big Kahuna Burger was a hit and that was followed this year by the Big Kahuna Donut Dog.
Attending a Wedding? Pay For Your Own Meal
It may not be a new trend but it something new that is happening at weddings, ‘pay-to-eat’. The age old tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding and the groom’s family paying for the booze may be a thing of the past.
Chinese Restaurant Uses Robots to Serve and Cook Food
In China a restaurant has opened that is run by robots. There are 12 robots on the staff that cook and deliver food to the tables. They even have two robot hostesses’ that greet customers when they arrive. Each robot cost $6, 500 or the same as a year’s wage.

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