October 7, 1916, Georgia Tech Beat Cumberland College 222-0
It seems impossible in this day and age to think that a football team could score 222 points in one game but it happened on October 7, 1916 as Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College of Lebanon, Tennessee 222-0. It all started in the spring of 1915 during a baseball game.
Randy Made His Week Three Football Picks
I made my Pro Football Pick ‘Em choices this week for our B98.5 pool and it seemed a little tougher in week three. Some games were easy like Seattle over Jacksonville and Denver over Oakland, but just when they seem easy, that’s when the upsets come.
Randy Wins Football Poll for Second Week in a Row
I got lucky again this week and won the B98.5 station football pool. That makes it two weeks in a row, now the pressure is on. I went 13-3 this week but could have gone 14-2 but I was crazy enough to pick the Steelers over the Bengals on Monday night football

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