Ten Things On My Summer Bucket List
Since this is my last summer before I graduate from college and have to get a big girl job I've been trying to think of some really fun things to make this summer one to remember! I'm excited to finish it my list before my last semester starts up in September and the air starts to feel col…
Things You Won’t Find In Today’s Playgrounds
When I was growing up in Auburn, we would often go to Pettingill Park and spend hours upon hours in the public playground. This past weekend, I went to a local playground with my friend and his young son and it dawned on my how much they have changed.
Dogs Having Fun in the Snow
With the snow that hit the Northeast this past weekend a lot of people got go out and play in the snow. If you have ever owned a dog, you know they love the snow too. Here are picture of dogs enjoying the snowstorm.
What’s Your Favorite Summer Activity? [POLL]
Memorial Day weekend is here! After the long, snowy and cold winter, Mainers and visitors to Maine are ready to kickoff the unofficial start to summer! The Maine Turnpike and U.S. Route 1 will be crowed and the beaches and camps will start to fill up.
Orca Whales Chase Speed Boat
Have you seen the video?
Had I been the person videotaping the encounter, I would have been in awe.
I know they were! Can you imagine THIS happening to YOU?
Chad Hood Makes New Snow Creation!
When Chad told me he was going to create something new with snow I couldn't wait!
He said he would take Anderson outside yesterday and build a new snow sculpture.
He has made others in the past but this was so awesome to have it built in our yard!

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