Gas Prices Continue To Rise In Maine This Week
For the second week in a row, it will cost you a little more to fill up at the pumps in Maine.
According to to the price-monitoring website Gas Buddy, gas prices in Maine were slightly up from last week.
The average price for a gallon of gas in Maine this week is at $2...
Man Blows Out Candles by Passing Gas
Here’s a world record that just wasn’t. Gerard Jessie from the Philippines attempted a Guinness world record for blowing out the most candles using just the power of his ‘farts’.
Beside Gas Prices, What Else Will Be Going Up?
You may have noticed gas prices are on the rise again. After hitting a low in recent years of around $2.00 a gallon they are creeping back up. Experts expect that trend to continue with gas prices going up another 50 to 60 cents a gallon by spring.
A Holy Cow Moment at the Gas Pump
Here's a sign of the times, a good sign. I had to use the station van for a gig in Waterville and when I got in it, it was out of gas. I mean bone dry, light on, below empty out.
Self Service Gas Stations Turn 50 Years Old
What we know today as the ‘convenience store’, a store where you pump your own gas and get snacks, turns 50 years old. It all started in 1964 by John Roscoe in Westminster, Colorado. Roscoe sold milk, bread and soda in his chain of Big Top stores but gas was sold at full servic…
Peugeot Plans on Hybrid Air Car in 2015
Peugeot, the car company from France, is planning on introducing a ‘Hybrid Air’ car with a release date of 2015. The air would be used for in city driving under 43 mph and could save as much as 80% on fuel bills.
Congressman from Oregon Wants to Double the Federal Gas Tax
Gas prices are something we all keep an eye on: are they going up, are they going down? The last I saw was $3.44 a gallon with the average in Maine at $3.47. Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenaurer is pushing to double the gas tax to .33 cent a gallon. There is currently an 18.5 cent federal gas tax…

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