My Favorite Sweethearts- My Parents
My father wrote to my mother almost every day he was in the Army. She saved every letter he wrote and, as we approach Valentines Day, I'm taking a journey back to the 1950's to look inside the hearts and minds of my parents before kids and life changed them into the people I knew them to b…
My Favorite Sweethearts- My Parents
My parents are my favorite Valentine's Day Sweethearts. They married young and were together until they passed away. My mother never remarried after my father died at the early age of 58. As a child I saw these letters tucked away, only to come out on special occasions. As a single woman, the i…
Controversial German Supermarket Commercial but Touching
This a very touching commercial from Germany about Christmas. It's in German but you will get the idea of the commercial as you watch it.
It revolves around an old man who is alone and will be alone for the Holiday's because his family is too busy to make time for him, so he fakes his death…
July is Hot Dogs Month
July is Hot Dog month and July16th is Hot Dog Day. Here are some things you may or may not know about hot dogs. They are considered the all-America treat but were invented in Germany in the 1400’s, thus the name frankfurters.
Photo Op Couldn’t Have Turned Out Worse
In an effort to get a one of kind photo, an American exchange student got stuck in giant marble vagina. The sculpture is at Tuebingen University in southwest Germany and is called Chacan-Pi which means making love.
Snake Expert Dies of Snake Bites
Dierter Zorn from Germany is an expert on snakes and travels Europe making presentations to help people get over their fear of the reptiles. While in Southern France recently, things didn’t go very well for Zorn.