Haunted Trails in Maine
If you like the outdoors and hiking and you like Halloween, according to you can combine the two by checking out a few haunted Maine trails.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween to everyone. I hope you have a safe on and get lots and lots of candy.
Real Ghosts Caught On Tape (Video)
Happy Halloween Eve!
Do you believe in ghosts?
I didn't until about 25 years ago. I was staying with friends in South Carolina when I became ill. They were going out to dinner about 30 miles away to meet other friends, and I opted out and decided to take it easy and rest...
Maine’s Haunted Hotel
Have you heard of the story of The Carriage House Inn of Searsport, Maine? It was built in 1874 by Captain John McGilvery, prior to becoming an Inn, it was an army garrison and it was a longtime retreat for painter Waldo Peirce.
Destination Maine: Fright Night At The Fort
Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine is known as one of Maine's most haunted places. East Coast Ghost Trackers have been at Fort Knox in Maine to do some ghost hunting. If you are looking for a different way to get spooked for Halloween, try Fright Night at the Fort.
Films Made in Maine
For a state that many think is ‘out-of-the-way’, Maine has a fairly good film biography for the state. That’s movies that were made in or partially made in Maine.
Sharon Experienced Ghosts!
It's Halloween! BOOOOOOOOOOO!
I know alot of people who have close encounters with the other side. I thought I might share a few stories of my own because I believe in ghosts!
Some experiences have been creepy...some I took in stride.
See for yourself!
This May Tell You if a House is Haunted
Usually if a house is haunted it means someone died there and doesn’t want to leave, there’s a web site that can tell you if the house is haunted, sort of. The site let’s you know if someone died in the house so you can determine if the house has ghost…

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