Governor Paul LePage

Do You Think Governor LePage Should Be Impeached? [POLL]
There are rallies today at the State House in Augusta in both support and opposition of Gov. LePage. The governor recently admitted that he threatened to withhold more than $500,000 in funding for a charter school operated by Good-Will Hinckley, if they did not reverse a decision made last month to …
Vaseline Jar Tossed at Governor Paul LePage [VIDEO]
An outburst by a former Democratic lawmaker last night (April 2) caused Gov. Paul LePage to abruptly end a town hall meeting on his budget. LePage visited Thornton Academy to discuss his plan to overhaul the state's tax code.
The event came to an abrupt end after former Biddeford mayor and state…
Governor Paul LePage Declares State of Emergency
Maine's Governor, Paul LePage, has declared a state of emergency and announced that all State offices will be closed today. The storm is expected to bring Winter Storm and Blizzard conditions to all of Maine, as well as coastal flooding to southwestern Maine.
Gov. Paul LePage Chimes in on ‘Deflate-Gate’ [VIDEO]
Why not? Everybody else is giving their two cents on the New England Patriots and their latest controversy surrounding under inflated balls at the AFC Championship game. After Maine Gov. Paul LePage's speech today (Jan. 22) at the Maine Real Estate and Development Association in Portland, repor…
Gov. Paul LePage Budget Proposal
Maine Gov. Paul LePage has presented a $6.3 billion budget. It proposes cutting income taxes and eliminating the estate tax. The budget outlines partially paying for both measures with a broader and higher sales tax.

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